Located 500m from the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.


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On Track

Before entering the Pits
Local Cheese Platter 4,90€
Portion of Olives 4,50€
Chef's Bruschetta 9,00€
"POMMARD" Nachos 14,00€
Two Whole Guillotine Sausages 9,00€
Quartet of Mini Croquettes (3 Cheeses, Chicken, Spinach, Chorizo) 18,00€
As a Team in the Paddock
RELAIS DE POMMARD Plancha, the must-have
(small or large): Local Cured Meats and Cheeses, Pâté Verrine, Chicken Drumstick, Tapenade, Mini-Ribs, Grilled Chorizo, and Mini Croquettes
28,00€ / 39,00€
(Spinach Croquette, Cheese Croquette, Grilled Vegetables, Stuffed Tomato, Cheese of the Day)
Local MIXED Plancha (small or large) 22,00€ / 32,00€
Local CHARCUTERIE Plancha 19,00€
Local CHEESE Plancha 19,00€
The Warm-Up
Soup of the Day
Buffalo Burrata (pesto, rocket, tomato)
Red Tuna Tartare with Coriander and Citrus Zest 23,00€
Assorted Homemade Croquettes with 2 Sauces 18,00€
Beef Carpaccio 18,00€
6 Garlic Shrimp 19,00€
6 Coconut-Red Curry Shrimp 21,00€
Conquering the Raidillon
Grilled Red Tuna Steak 29,50€
Grilled Sea Bream 29,50€
Classic Beef Tartare 28,00€
Italian-style Beef Tartare (Parmesan, Pine Nuts, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Balsamic) 29,50€
Grilled Ribeye Steak (priced per gram) 0,098€/1gr
Entrecôte Grillée 39,00€
Pommard-style Grilled Entrecôte Steak (Red Burgundy, Shallots, Liège Syrup, Melted Cheese) 44,00€
Grilled Butcher's Cut 27,00€
Farm-style Vol-au-Vent 22,00€
Grilled Pork Tenderloin (with Binamé Pource) 22,00€
Caramelized Honey Ribs (700g) 27,00€
Liège-style Meatballs 22,00€
Vegetarian Burger "Pommard" style 25,00€
Special "Pommard" Burger 240g/360g (Pommard Sauce and Melted Cheese) 22,00€ / 29,00€
The Refueling
Homemade Rustic Fries, Pasta, Rice 5,00€
Green Salad, Mixed Salad, Tomato Salad, Grilled Vegetables 5,00€
Sauces: Mushroom, Pepper, Béarnaise, Pommard 4,50€
The Two Clock Turns
Bolognese Pasta 17,00€
Shrimp Pasta 22,00€
Vegetarian Pasta 17,00€
Revisited Carbonara Pasta 19,00€
The Salads
Caesar Salad 19,50€
Pommard Salad (cheese croquettes, ham nuts, walnut vinaigrette) 19,50€
The Junior Cup
Bolognese Pasta 12,00€
Homemade Chicken Nuggets 15,00€
Champion Burger 12,00€
The Podium
Homemade Speculoos Tiramisu 8,50€
Homemade Panna Cotta 8,00€
Plate of Local Cheeses 15,00€
Chocolate Fondant, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Crème Anglaise 9,50€
Ice Cream: Dame Blanche, Brésilienne, Coffee Ice Cream,... 9,50€
Vanilla Ice Cream with Seasonal Fruits 11,50€